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you can create a NEW story
for your CHILD 
 the art of attachment

an unexpectedgift 


           y second child was not conceived in my womb, she was birthed in my heart.
“We have a little girl who has come into care; she is 18 months old, but small for her age, and  delayed. I would say developmentally she is about nine months and she barely weighs 11 pounds. She is a fighter, but psychologically shattered and physically fragile. One brother was battered to death, the other, if he makes it, will have life-long brain damage. Based on how we found her, we have reason to believe she has not been out of her crib in six months. It's likely she is too shattered to be adoptable, but would you consider taking her, at least for now?"
When I said yes, I believed love would heal all wounds.
I had no idea what attachment disorder meant or how it would change my world. 
I know now, love doesn't heal all wounds, but it heals so very much. 

If you are reading this, you are likely an artist of love and belonging. A women who has opened her heart and committed her life to the challenges of restoring a child who has been shattered at the hands of others. You are brave, exhausted, you have doubts and fears, but you are hope-filled and you are strong.  


As a mom on the other side of six school suspensions, IEP

meetings and counseling ad nauseam, failing systems, piercing

eyes judging my parenting when my child melted down in the

grocery store or they learned she was the one who set the school on fire, I've walked in your shoes. As a mom who loved my daughter through bullying by her peers, fights with authority, depression, cutting, and suicide attempts, I know your pain. 

Wherever you are in your journey of shaping a new story for your child, you are not alone. And you my friend, are doing great work.  


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They say friendship is born the moment 
someone says, "me too"
Mother and Daughter
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