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© 2016 created by Suzzanne  


I'm Suzzanne

and I'm glad you have found me!


Like you, I am ordinary and extraordinary! 


I am daughter, mother, sister, colleague, friend...and, so much more.  I love being all of these as they are a part of my amazing scripted and un-scripted life.


I am also student, artist, and scribe; not because I choose to be, but because they have chosen to dwell within me. The artist and scribe are parts of me not yet fully explored. It's not that I didn't know they existed, but because they rested quietly within me while I was busy being the best daughter, mother, sister, colleague, friend...I could possibly be. The student...well, I will never stop learning!


I am also mother of three incredible adult children, survivor of divorce, deaths, and many life changing experiences that have rocked the ground from under me.  And, to be completely honest, I find myself in a life-pause - a crossroads of sorts - that is incredibly scary and daringly exhilarating.



About this site...

It's about daring to be real and challenging the status quo. It's about digging deep, stepping outside of fear and failure, celebrating our strength, resilience, and profound purpose in a world that often gets overwhelming and overshadowed. It's about being open to change and celebrating the journey. Its about moving beyond small talk and questioning the stuff we think about...significance, purpose, pain, change; the kind that happens to us and the kind we want to create.  
I'll be the first to admit I am no sage and I certainly don't have all the answers. I am knee-deep in fear and self-doubt, just like everyone else.  But, I am committed to living and learning and sharing honestly.  If you read without expectation of perfection, I believe you will find thought-provoking ideas, tidbits of wisdom, and a devotion to living a full, expressive and meaningful life.
This is our place to be real enough to share the hard lessons, humble enough to talk about the ah-ha moments we missed before, and brave enough to let come to life, our gifts that dwell within. 
I hope you will join me by subscribing below and invite your friends to come along as well! 
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