The first ah-ha moment suggesting I might be different happened on a hot summer night drenched in laughter and the innocence of 12-year-olds.


Our gawky legs created a braided circle on the cottage floor as vacation photos with goofy smiles, cute boys, and stick figured pre-teen bodies flaunting Greta Garbo poses filled the center.   


With hesitation and burning cheeks, I added my images to the pile; two decaying barns, a laboring farmer, withering flowers, and a rusted ship fighting the ocean’s pull to its murky floor.

My friends giggled and teased. And, as an insecure pre-teen does, I laughed with them while thinking...


Look closer! Can’t you see the beauty? Can't you feel the hope welling up inside the imperfect, the worn, and the broken?

Can't you hear the story of an ending making room for a new beginning? 

And so began my journey of exploring the artistry of life. 



My passion grew from being drawn to objects, to a life privileged to walk the healing journey with the hurting, lost, and the broken; each brave soul teaching me about hope, courage, and the artistry of reshaping a new story.


Through the journey, discovered life breaks us all, myself included.

You can read one of my personal stories here

Today, as an artist and a writer, my deepest desire is to be an instrument of hope and healing.


As a person, it is to shine my light into the world in a way that illuminates the brightness and beauty of others. 



Hi, I'm Suzzanne!
Like you, I am ordinary and extraordinary. 
I am sister, colleague, writer, artist, and friend.  
I am also mother of three incredible adult children, survivor of divorce, deaths, and many life-changing experiences that have rocked the ground from under me. God is my foundation and you will surely find Him in my writing.
As an adoptive mom of two beautiful, but once very broken little girls lost in our foster care system, I've experienced first-hand the struggle and resilience it takes to love and bring restoration to a shattered spirit, and the courage it takes to be a child who has suffered at the hands of others. This unbelievable journey has taught me the art of unconditional love, imperfection, and grace; which I would love to share with you!


My 17-year service in foster care and as a CASA (Court-Appointed Special Advocate) for abused and neglected children has given me the privilege to fight for change in failing laws and overwhelmed systems and to be the voice for innocent children who go unheard. To be God's hands and feet serving the vulnerable is one of my greatest privileges, and my soul is nourished in the planting and sprouting of hope seeds.

My dream now, in the autumn of life, is to share art and words with those who are broken and those who have come to know the beauty of their scars.

And, in the spirit of advocacy for those without voice, I have joined forces with Rescue:Freedom to bring awareness around the truths of Human Trafficking and Sexual Slavery. As a Freedom Partner, I donate the proceeds from the sale of my art to the rescue and restoration efforts of women and children held in slavery. 


My "incredible" adult children mentioned above now span three U.S. time zones and have lives of their own. They have become my biggest fans, and my much needed tech team!
In my heart, they will always be my kiddos cuddled at my feet as seen in the photo. But today, my pleasure is the rare occasion they are all gathered in my kitchen sipping a good cup of coffee and trumping each others childhood stories.
Ah, the aroma of their warm laughter filling the room. 
When I'm not writing, I enjoy painting and the art of Kintsugi, which lends to my philosophy on brokenness. 
I am also wonderfully blessed by my husband of two years.
Yep, we're newlyweds!
I didn't see it coming, but God did.