He counts the stars and he knows them by name  

When I learned there are over 40 million victims of sexual slavery, it took my breath away. As I struggled to picture faces and lives connected to these statistics, I envisioned the vastness of a night sky.


I knew God knew them by name, but I too longed to recognize them as such. And, so...


Currently I sell the bowls through local art galleries or people who have learned of my work.  I am contemplating a store in the future, but have no firm plans at this point. 


Either way, all net profits are donated to Rescue:Freedom where 100% of all donations goes directly to the mission of empowering the rescue and restoration of those in sexual slavery. 



I call them by name

As I begin the work of restoring a piece of pottery or porcelain, I hold it gently in my hands and reflect on a woman or child held in captivity; and

I give the piece a name. 

Each time I work with the vessel, I envision the woman or child, and I cover them with prayer.  


This is my quiet way to walk alongside them - not as a universe but as a singular, brilliant star.