Kintsugi, the beautiful art that speaks to the cries of our soul.


At its core, this Japanese art form expresses the belief that something broken does not lose value or beauty; in fact, the breakage is part of the broken vessel's history; a redemption story which makes it even more beautiful than before. 


With gold infused into the cracks of the restored piece, the journey of courage and resilience is illuminated. The beauty of brokenness made known in the same way our scars reveal the beauty of our life journey.  

For those unfamiliar with this special art, I have provided a window into how I believe its philosophy applies to life. 


we need to reveal

our scars,

for in them

God's glory

is revealed

It was during a season of my own brokenness that I came upon the art of Kintsugi.  When I held the once broken teacup with beautiful gold fracture lines illuminating its scars, I knew in my hands; I held a piece of God.


Everything about the art; the brokenness, the gathering of seemingly unusable shards, the long process of restoration, and the dusting of gold over its scars sang a redemption song I could not quiet and knew I must explore.

When I created my first bowl laced in gold, I felt God whisper, "reveal my glory in this art of broken pieces."



My art is dedicated to healing; whether it be a group or individual art and healing experience or supporting the muted voices of women and children held captive in slavery, I am humbled to share.

One-on-one Kitsugi healing classes have been suspended during Covid-19, but I am working on an offline offering! 

The sale of my art is donated to fight against Human Trafficking. Each piece representing and named for a woman or child currently captive or in a rescue home. 


You can learn more here.