In a season of my own brokenness, I came upon the art of Kintsugi.  When I held the once broken teacup with beautiful gold fracture lines illuminating its scars, I knew in my hands; I held a piece of God's heart. 


Everything about the art; the brokenness, the gathering of seemingly unusable shards, the long process of restoration, and the dusting of gold over its scars sang a redemption song I could not quiet and knew I must explore.

When I created my first bowl laced in gold, I felt God whisper, "Reveal my glory in this art of broken pieces."


The hope already exists within you my friend, as does the new story for your life. You need only to touch it for an instant to know it is real. And you will!

To help you better consider this art, page through the steps below to see the relationship of the vessel to yourself. When you're ready, allow the 9-steps I share to lead you through a series of questions, stories, and scriptures that will take you on your own healing journey as you mend your chosen piece.

Your story, is God's story. Brokenness is the beginning.



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Until then, I have created a resource guide for you
to explore The Art of Broken Pieces on your own!


In the guide, you will receive:

  • A personal letter of encouragement from me

  • A list of supplies and resources 

  • A video to walk you through the restoration
    process and an introduction to how it relates to your personal journey.

  • A reflective perspective on co-authoring your life with God so that you can learn the story He has already written for you. One much more beautiful than you can imagine for yourself.

  • An outline of the nine steps and scripture verses to support each step.

  • And, my personal email to support you on this journey!

I have had the pleasure of walking many women through this art of healing in one-on-one sessions, group settings, and woman's conferences. However, with the changes happening in our world, I am in the process of redesigning my classes so they can be offered online.




When we finally reach the other side of pain, we look back and see the things we needed to face, work through, and let go.


We see the scars from which our light shines to illuminate the beauty that can only be found in our imperfection. And we see God refining us for His purpose.


When you come to the other side of broken–and you will–your story will become the compassion story for others. Your greatest messages and your most effective ministry will come out of your deepest hurts.

Zen Stones