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Making room for what matters most.

Nope, we're not talking about reducing fractions to their lowest term - that would be easier - we are talking about simplifying your life in a way that brings you back in line with your true self.


Deep down, don't we all wish there were a few things we could take off our plate to live a more meaning-filled life?


What I've come to realize is that "simplifying," is usually anything but simple, and the act of doing so is like a diet; it's not a quick fix, but a lifestyle change. 

There are many steps to the process, but Brian Gardner said it best, “Make room for things that matter by removing everything that doesn’t.”

In a previous post, I refer to the things we need to eliminate as "clutter" and I list a few types that often steel our best life from us. You can read the full post here. 

  Do any of these feel familiar?

  • Physical Clutter – the stuff

  • Emotional Clutter – un-forgiveness, anger, worry, fear

  • Relational Clutter - toxic, one-sided, negative or draining relationships

  • Mental Clutter – over commitment, misplaced priorities, the story in your head

  • Financial Clutter – debt, lack of budget, insufficient insurance

  • Legal Clutter - estate planning, wills, legal documents

  • Spiritual Clutter – longing for inner peace, lack of connection with your creator

In my own personal journey, I have found inspiration from the idea of minimalism. My son and his fiancee are minimalists. Aside from basic living needs, they each own 99 possessions. While that seems a bit extreme for me, I have witnessed the simplicity in the way they do life. 

While they inspired me, I needed to understand the how and why and fell across Joshua Becker, a published author and teacher on the subject. I haven't read any of his books, but I subscribe to his blog and his Podcast series, The I Simply Am.  

Next steps?

If you're still not sure, a great place to start is exploring with No Side Bar.  

If you're ready to simplify, but aren't sure where to start with prioritizing what really matters, a great read is the book Essentialism; A Discipline Pursuit of Less, by Greg McKeown. 

Whatever you choose, have fun with it!  

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