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I dropped off a meal for a young girl who was turning her life around. I don’t say “trying to turn her life around” because she wasn’t just trying, she was digging her nails deep into a new dream.

Because of confidentiality, I met her outside a local grocery store. “I appreciate this, and I appreciate you” she offered with a tired, but glowing smile. I imagined her as my sister or daughter and wanted to tell her, “You’ve got this. You are strong. I'm here for you!” But out of respect for her boundaries, I responded it was my pleasure to lift her up in this tough time. And it was true.

Driving home, while holding her up in prayer I received a text stating she ran out of gas, had nobody to call, and her cellphone was about to die. My Momma Bear instinct ignited, and I commanded, “Send me a pin of your location and wait for me. I’m on my way.”

An hour later, with a full gas can in hand, my husband and I found her car on the side of a busy highway; the night’s darkness and winter cold seemed to consume the dimming flashers, but she was still inside.

Together she and I waved flashlights to warn the fast moving traffic that my husband was on the edge of the road filling her car. I could tell she was near tears the entire time, but she held it together.

When the can rang hollow, like a long drawn out goodbye, she thanked us and slowly returned to her car. We wished her the best and stood to the side waving.

Click-click, click-click, pinned the air; her battery was dead. No worries, we've got this I assured her.

As we waited in our car for AAA to arrive, the opportunity for conversation unfolded. With a quivering voice but an air of confidence, she shared a bit of her story and her dream. I was taken aback by her honesty and vulnerability, but above all, it was her bravery that stood out. Her soul was rooting for her, and she knew it.

In your suffering, loneliness, and your pain, may you feel the light in your soul. May you know it was gifted to you by God so that you must never do life alone.

The Holy Spirit dwells deep in your soul of believers and has a dream for your life far greater than you can imagine for yourself.

Your soul, my friend, is rooting for you.

Note: The average American is unaware of how vulnerable our teens are to the lure of sex-traffickers. In a weak season when emotional color bleeds into each other and brokenness is felt, a promise of love can sweep a girl into a life that will take away every sense of who she is, and who she can be.

Organizations like Scarlet Road and Rescue Freedom set these girls free and help them not only find their dream but teach them how to step into the light of new life.


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