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God doesn’t want to be explained away. He wants to be invited in. ~Lysa TerKeurst

I wrestled with infertility for years. I can say in hindsight, I would have likely sold everything I owned to have a baby of my own. There were years of specialists, tests, emotional roller coaster rides and fervent prayers explaining to God the longing of my heart. As if He didn’t already know. 

Three times the specialist‘s intervention worked. Three times my fulfilled prayer, a precious child, would die in the fifth month. 

I was ready to try again, but my doctor said no more. 

It was only when I no longer had the power to orchestrate my dream, that I let go of my own will and invited God into my story.  

Not only did He rejoice in my invitation, He walked me through it step by step. It was an immediate answer, but one spoken in His timing.

The two girls we adopted were not birthed in my womb, they were birthed in God’s heart. 

Life is rarely as perfect as we see on TV or social media. It’s often hard, ugly and untidy. But it’s never without purpose.  

Each time life breaks you, God waits for you to give him the pieces so together, you can craft a new story. He longs to share his heart, and bring to glory, the beautiful art, that is you.

What are you needing to invite God into today? 

Photo credit: Jean Carlo Emer, Unsplash


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