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There was a time in my life when I took pride in my color coded calendar, my children’s wealth of activities, and being the go-to girl when others needed something requiring a lot of coordination or organization. I loved putting all the pieces of what I called “doing life” together. ⁣

Until one day I realized all I had was pieces. My life was made up of a thousand little things that needed to be put in place, but bared little meaning. Presence, wholeness, and peace were elusive.⁣

I wanted to be in meaningful relationships, I wanted to plant my connections to a place that lingered in my heart. But, when you are rushed and doing too much, you only take the time to dip your toes in, and you never leave shallow water. I and my relationships were only shore deep. ⁣

If you are starting your morning with the heaviness of a to-do list , if anxiety pushes the lifeblood of your heart, if you too feel broken, exhausted; may I assure you that broken is the first step to change? ⁣

May you find - no, may you take a moment to pause today. May you sit in the quiet and allow it to sooth your soul. May you linger long enough to not only tend to the need of another, but hear and learn from where the need comes. ⁣

May you hush the chaos and take your first step into the waves. ⁣


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