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How do you define love?

Mom, he proposed! My mind quickly tumbled back to the little girl that once resembled a precious moments figurine. It seemed just yesterday she cuddled in my arms.

This was big - very big. Marriage, a life marker far more profound than high school proms and graduations or other life events and heart-moments moms hold dear and close. Close enough to break our hearts.

“We are getting married in the temple, and I want you to be there,” she said with excitement. But if you are married in the temple, didn’t you say I could not go in? I questioned. She didn’t even flinch in her response, “That’s correct, since you are not Mormon, you cannot go in the temple or witness my wedding. You will have to wait outside."

See, our family is Christian; my children were raised as such. But in the last few years, my daughter has chosen the Mormon religion as her faith. I respect her choice. I raised her to adulthood for reasons such as this. To be her own thinker. To follow her heart and know her mind. Matters such as faith are deeply personal, and one that I can no longer make on her behalf. However, this does not mean that her decision does not affect me, or our family.

So, how does a mother respond to being told by her daughter's church that she is neither worthy to enter a house proclaimed to be "A house of the Lord", nor is she allowed to witness the marriage of the child she raised? It is unfathomable to me that God would find the act of excluding believers in Him from His house simply because they do not follow a religion created by man - a man.

I have prayed over this and I have cried more tears than I care to count. I do not understand, but I know that God is love. I know that I love my child; His child, whom he entrusted to me to shape and grow. Every part of me wants to say, "Screw your religion, I am worthy and I am her mother"! But, that is not love.

So, I will fly half way across the country to wait outside while my daughter’s marriage is being witnessed by people who know nothing of her life that brought her to this place - in their temple. I will wait. I will be love.