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While on our walk this morning, I watched him prance like a puppy, my snowy-faced Golden boy. Every few feet he would glance up at me as to make sure I knew he was happy. It was the same smile that greets me when I awake and when I walk through the door after being away.

My heart felt a glow when I considered the joy he experiences in the simple things; food, shelter, love, and even a walk. He was unlike his human counterpart - me - who often took for grated such blessings.

Of course I challenged my awareness; yes, he would rejoice in simplicity, his mind is simple. However, just as quickly as the thought occurred, images flashed through my mind; how he sat by my side and monitored me when I could not move for fever and shakes, how he watches stairs and traffic and obstacles that could cause me harm, and how warmly he cuddles into me when my tears fall. Simple, I think not.

Yes, our lives are more complex, but when given the chance, how often do we choose simplicity? How often do we rejoice in food, shelter, and love? How often do we feel free enough to prance for joy?

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