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Physical Health

The one body you will ever own!

I will confess that although I value this amazing vessel God provided me in which to do His work upon this earth, it is my biggest struggle to stay consistent in its care. 

I understand good physical health is about exercise and eating right, but I've found that for me, it's mostly about knowledge and commitment. 

Sharing with you, a few resources that have made staying on track possible and even fun! 

Yoga Mats


There are a lot of good apps to help us stay accountable, but MyFitnessPal has proven to be my personal favorite.

Screen Shot 2019-12-26 at 4.19.38 PM.png

Easy to use once you get your base info recorded. Track on you computer or phone - it's real time!


  • Food and nutrition

  • Exercise

  • Progress


I wish I could like going to the gym, but it's not my thing. If you're the same, here are a few exercise companions (tools) that keep me moving! 

IMG_7462_edited.jpg many great apps you can use for free. 


  • MapMyFitness - I use this app to record my walking and biking. You can also connect it to your MyFitnessPal and it will record it directly into your daily activity. (free)

  • Fitbit - I used the Fitbit for many years, but never progressed to the arm band. It was a great source of motivation after my neck surgery that left me more sedentary and I needed a bit of a push! (app is free, but you need to pay for the device or use with your Smart Watch. 

  • Simply Yoga - I love Yoga, but seem to stay at beginner level. I use Simply Yoga mostly when I'm away from home and want to stretch or unwind. It would be a great source to try out yoga for free!

  • BeachBodyOndemand - Another confession, I avoided this site and app because of the name. The idea of a "Beach Body" as I walk into my 60th year seemed ridiculous and I just didn't want to go there! However, after much persuasion from a friend, I checked it out and, I'm so glad I did!  The annual subscription is $99, but I scored a New Years sale for $75. Even at $99 it's worth every penny!


      There are a multitude of programs ranging from getting started to high intensity training. You have       

      your own personal coach to access for questions via email, and although I have not used them, each            training program comes with a nutritional plan. 

      You can use the app or your computer, and you can even download the programs if you'll be without          wi-fi. Do it at home, in the gym, or even with friends! 


I am by nature a rather "clean" eater. I enjoy what is now called "real food", don't like chocolate, and haven't eaten fast-food in years. But, I am a bread lover and carboholic! (Apparently, I'm also full of confessions!)

Cooking Eggs
A few sources if you want to learn more!

Again, knowledge is power and when we start to learn how our body works and why enjoying a full loaf of fresh made bread in one sitting might not be in our best interest, it becomes easier to say no and make important changes. 

For me personally, I can't do diets because I don't stick with them. I choose instead to make lifestyle changes. I have eliminated sugar from my diet and reduced my carbs to no more that 15% of my daily intake, and I feel so much better!  It was tough for the first two or three weeks, but it's become natural now and I don't miss sugar at all. 

To help keep me on track, I continue to read about nutrition and have made SkinnyTaste my go to for recipes. You can filter by eating type or just peruse the pictures and pick what looks good!

Michael Polland's book In Defense of Food is a great book for learning about food and nutrition. 

My latest read on nutrition was on diet and anxiety. It was very informative and the recipes were great!


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