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Emotional Health

What is emotional health?


Emotional health is different from mental health, although they are often used synonymously. Mental health is your ability to process information, emotional health is your ability to be in tune and care for your emotions; it is a fundamental part of self-awareness, resilience and overall contentment. 

Stressed Woman

Your thoughts, feelings, and experiences influence the way you feel about yourself, interact with others, and deal with the challenges of life.  


Caring for your emotional health is the first step to reducing and confronting stress, developing higher self-esteem, reclaiming your energy and joy for life, and enjoying deeper relationships.


You deserve no less!

Worry, fear, anger, guilt, shame and un-forgiveness, are a few emotions that keep us from a healthy emotional life. 

I am not a therapist and can claim no expertise on how to work through these things, but I want to encourage you to evaluate the negative emotions that may be keeping you from your best self, and your best life. 

Psychology Today has a quick emotional health self-assessment to help college students assess their emotional health.

I found the questions for evaluating simple and the descriptors for knowing how to answer informative. 

There are many great resources in a simple Google search, but don't dismiss the power of working with a therapist. Clarity is the first step. 

You soul is rooting for you.... so am I. 

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