The act of putting pen to paper or at least pondering your thoughts can reveal beautiful, deep emotions not experienced from the surface.
A stunning bioluminescence of the soul revealed only by daring to dive into its abyss.

Journaling provides a safe haven to explore and take risk with your innermost thoughts. If you choose to be fearless and authentic, putting thought to paper can be a liberating and creative discovery of self. Although journaling is widely known as a recording of history, this journaling exercise is about exploration.

Where to begin....

There are many beautiful journals out there. Find one that speaks to you and speak back. If you prefer the computer, go for it! If life is a bit chaotic, you may choose to simply ponder the question in your thoughts.


You can commit to the full experience or simply peruse the prompts and select one that speaks to you. However you choose to embark, is the right way! 

Name three things you are most proud of

Write one negative story you are telling yourself. Now re-write your story in a way that feeds your soul.

Write about a time in your life when you thought you couldn't go on, but you did. 

What do you wish more people knew about you? 

What is my most treasured memory and why? 

What do you stand for?