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Something Suzzanne

is a lifestyle blog for women.

We cover topics on self-care, life transitions, relationships, and seeking a better life for us and those we love.


It is our desire that together, we can all become the women we want to be!

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Something Suzzanne Blog for Women

Welcome to 

Something Suzzanne

A women's place for belonging and becoming!

The woman we want to be

The beauty of a woman is her heart - the warm light that thirsts to radiate love into the world.

Every woman has a desire to radiate love into the world, it is part of our innate sense of self. And, every woman has a special light that only she can shine; it is her gift from God.
But when life gets too fast and too full, or when it breaks altogether, our light can grow dim, leaving us longing. 
Let us be sisters who teach and encourage each other in the journey
of becoming the women we want to be. 
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 didn't know what I wanted to do,

but I always knew the woman

I wanted to be.

                      ~Diane Von Furstenberg 

In times of overwhelm, sorrow, conflict, anxiety, or even a season that seems filled with demands, it can feel impossible to find time to focus on YOU!  


But, as unreasonable or impossible as it may seem, these are the seasons when you most need to care for and replenish yourself.  

Welcome to Intention; the purposeful steps and promises you can add to your life that will nourish your body, mind, and spirit.  

You'd be surprise how much better we are at loving others when we are intentional about loving ourselves!



Have you looked back on your life and realized how clear the markers of change are from the rear-view mirror? Yet, when we are in the midst of change or just on the other side, we often wonder, who am I now? 


Asking yourself questions and journaling the answers is a great way to reveal your personal story, help you move past a difficult event, or learn more about who you are and who you are meant to be. 

I'm happy to share with you a series of questions I have used in various women's groups to help you start your journey of exploration.


You can do the full 30-day experience or simply peruse the prompts and select one that speaks to you!

Sharing stories and thoughts

I write about life from the inside out - the stuff that surfaces when we start to listen to our own life....and each other.

A few recent posts....

They say friendship is found when someone shares a story and you think, "me too!"

                                                                                               Here's to new friendships!