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Day 19 - Name three things in your life that you are most proud of. They cannot be accomplishments of others such as, "my son received a full-ride scholarship to Harvard". They must be things you have accomplished or done.

Who needs enemies, we have ourselves!  My hips are too big, I'm not as accomplished....  and the list goes on. There is no doubt, we are our own worst critics. And, the worst thing we do to ourselves is compare.


I remember waking up one morning feeling delighted with my morning. As I was drinking my coffee, I was reading through my Facebook feed and I could feel the darkness start to drown out my light. I shut down Facebook and chose to list three things I loved about myself and my life. I'll include my post below in case you want to read it. 


Anyway, I've learned that I have to be deliberate in choosing positive thoughts about myself as I know the negative ones come with little effort. To list your accomplishments is to affirm yourself and to celebrate yourself. Both are vital to growing confidence and loving yourself.


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