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What Will History Write of Today?

One by one, the words pierced my mind and emotions like bullets. I'd heard them before; but today, they finally hit. We are living in unprecedented times.

The reality overwhelmed me. Fear, anxiety, anger, sadness, numbness, blame, and inadequacy impacted me at riveting speed. Gasping for breath, I did the one thing which helps me to come back to center - I got quiet.

It was there, in my time of stillness, another word flowed over me. The word was honor. Honor? I thought, it doesn’t feel like honor, nor am I the person to make the word come alive. But the word continued to hover, forcing me to examine its meaning.

The images of 9-11 came to mind; a devastating time in America’s history when we, as a nation responded to an act of hatred, with love. The pictures of people praying, mourning, and comforting each other, and countries stopping to pray for us streamed through my mind. We honored.

What if this unprecedented time is the same gift? A place marker in history entrusted to us to write? The hands and feet of God chosen to bring a shattered world to restoration? A time to respect and follow inconvenient rules and new norms not because it is demanded of us, but because it is a way to love others well? To seek understanding when we want to judge, grace when blame crosses our thoughts, and to seek the needs of others before our own? The thought alone, filled my being with a sense of purpose, peace, and hope.

As I move forward, I will seek to keep the word "honor" foremost in my mind and let it guide my actions. Let us begin to author a story of a people who acted in love when the world was shattered and uncertain.

Let us author a good story!