When my son was around two, he wore his Superman outfit made from blue leotards and a body suit for over a month. Whenever he did something kind or good, he would push his chest forward and trace the big puff-paint "S" and say, "I'm a supa herwo!" "Yes, you are!" I assured him.

Growing a confident child is no small task, rebuilding and growing a child who has experienced trauma or neglect will bring out the super powers in all moms!

Confidence grows when our children are challenged and succeed. Choosing the values you want to encourage, and your child can easily and frequently master is a big confidence booster and contributes to building those threads of attachment too!

Here are a few superhero attributes you can encourage in your child.

1. Treat Others the Way You Want to Be Treated

The first rule of being a superhero is to be kind. Kindness takes strength, but we know you're strong! So show us those kindness muscles!

2. Be a super question asker

People want to be a part of your team, but just like you, they don't like to be told what to do. Instead, ask your friends or make suggestions so they feel like you are working together. When you want to say, "You be Superman and I'll be Batman" just ask, "how would you like to be Superman?"

3. Be galaxy big

Include everyone. Leaving someone out will take away from galaxy big powers. And when you are leading, don’t forget to look back to make sure your friends are with you. If not, wait for them. Remember, heroes are stronger together.

4. Be a Helper

Whenever a person is in trouble, give them a hand. If someone falls down, help them up. It doesn’t matter who they are, noticing when someone needs help is a super strong power.

5. Use your superhero vision

Most people can see with their eyes, but some Superheroes can see with their heart. This means you don't just see what someone is doing, you see how they are feeling. Are they sad, lonely, having a hard time? If so, use your helper and kindness powers and see how surprised they are that you knew.

6. Keep super cool

Sometimes it's hard to control your reactions. By letting someone else make you mad or when you can't forgive, you give that person your power. Choose how you want to act and then find the words and actions that show how super cool you are. An adult can help with this; they need to exercise their super powers too!

7. Not winning, isn't losing

No one is the best at everything, and you don’t have to be first to be a winner. Being happy for someone else who wins shows some of your galaxy big power. A superhero also knows when to lead, and when to let others lead.

8. Believe in yourself and others

Believing in yourself and others can be hard. But when you believe, you do great things!

9. Know the Superhero of the Universe

All superheroes need to refuel. The more you know the Superhero of the universe, God, the stronger your powers will become. Make God your best friend, talk to him when you need help, include him in your play. He may be invisible, but he's always with you and ready to share His power with you.

Photo by Ben White on Unsplash