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What negative hypothesis are you drawing about someone?

In Amy Grants' song, Find What You’re Looking For, she sings…

There's so much good in the worst of us

so much bad in the best of us

it never makes sense for any of us

to criticize the rest of us.

We'll just find what we're looking for

we'll find it and so much more…

It is part of our human nature to make a hypothesis about someone or a situation. From there our brain searches for information to verify our hypothesis, and a story unfolds.

But, if you are only looking to verify one way of thinking, it is likely that your opinion is a manipulation of the real truth, biased, and quite possibly, gravely flawed.

Identify a current negative hypothesis or belief of yours that is related to a person or situation you find challenging. Now try an experiment: change the hypothesis to something positive, and spend the next week looking for proof to back it up.

The outcome just may surprise you!

#journaling #selfawareness