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What have you witnessed that has strengthened your faith in humanity?

Rarely does a day go by that I am not touched by an act of humanity that deepens my faith and the belief that man is good. It's not that negative events do not happen or that random acts of kindness follow me around, but that I seek to discover and do good. It wasn't always this way, for many years I went through life as if it happened to me and not around me.

The shift ensued along the Point Defiance waterfront, a mile-long stretch that my daughter and I paced five to six times each Saturday morning. Even though it was a weekly occurrence, each walk began with noting the beauty and emotion provoked by the crashing waves to the north and the forest to the south.

No sooner had we crooned our weekly descriptors, we passed an old television and its shattered pieces scattered in the sand. As we walked past, we remarked how sad it was that this sacred place was used by someone as a dumping ground. A few conversations later we reached Owen Beach and headed in reverse, back to the dock.

As we passed the area where the old television lay, there was an elderly couple picking up the pieces and putting them into a backpack. The woman scanned one more time for missed remnants as the man carefully picked up the carcass and together they walked it off the beach. My daughter looked at me and said, "Why didn't we do that"?

The remainder of our conversation went deep into the careless and selfish way we and many choose to engage with life around us. Together we decided that we would seek to be more aware. Together we decided to commit to standing up for what should be done; that which was right and honorable to humanity and our world.

Together we learned that acts of kindness are everywhere. And so too, are the opportunities.

#journaling #humainity #selfawareness