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When did you last ask someone for help?

It is natural for women to extend care or help to others in times of need. I believe it's less of a mind response, but one of the heart. We understand the value of coming alongside someone when they feel weak and lifting them when they can no longer stand on their own.

So, if we understand this, why do so many of us struggle to allow others to help or care for us? I've asked myself this question for many years and the answer is filled with words like pride, example, vulnerability, fear of rejection, and lack of self-care or self-love.

Although it's been a long journey, I have learned that it is okay to need others. It is courageous to be vulnerable and ask for help or allow others to be there for us. In fact, to not ask or allow, is to deny others the opportunity to feel that they can be to you, what you are to them.

We all need each other, and we need to be needed. That, and love, is what makes the world go around!