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What is your next great adventure?

We all need adventure, that little adrenaline rush that makes your heart palpitate and the smile on your face expand from ear to ear. Now, I'm not talking about a wild safari in Africa - although that sounds pretty cool - but something that gets you out of the norm and in a mood of exploration. While I tend to be one of those people that can find adventure in a grocery store parking lot, I get in ruts too and I have to purposefully plan an quest. Which isn't so bad because often times half of the fun is the anticipation!

A few years back I found myself in a moment of boredom when ironically, my 19-year-old daughter asked if I wanted to sneak into a movie with her. “No! that is stealing, what are you thinking?" I exclaimed. She smiled and said “it’s part of my 30 under 30; it’s a rainy day…a perfect day to knock #18 - Sneak Into A Movie off my list.”

After further discussion I came to learn that she had created a list of 30 things she wanted to do before the age of 30. In her eyes reaching the age of 30 represented the end of youth and she wanted to be darn sure she made the most of it! I loved the idea.

I decided this was a perfect way to get out of my rut. I wanted something quick and shocking so that I could jump-start my life and with my daughters help I decided to try eight new things in eight weeks and they all had to push me out of my comfort zone. I called it my Eight of Eight. Now I know what challenges me may be second nature to you, but I’ll share a few of the things I did so you can get a flavor for the experience — should you decide to try this too!

  • Pulled out a map, dropped my finger on a spot and went!

  • Called an old friend I hadn't talked to in years and set up a coffee date. It was difficult at first, but a great reconnect and rekindling that burn bright today.

  • Went on to Meet Up.com - https://www.meetup.com/ - and signed up for some groups that interested me and I actually went! Did a sailing trip for free with one of the groups.

  • Said yes to an invitation when I would have much rather stayed at home. It was so worth it!

  • Approached life like we tend to do while on vacation and I smiled at everyone I saw and talked to everyone I met. This is now an everyday adventure I do still today.

  • My favorite... I took my kids up on a zip-lining challenge. Check out this video!

So, you get the picture…you don’t have to do something expensive to feel alive — as my daughter the movie sneaker showed me!

You may want to turn down your volume...I was a bit excited!

#journaling #selfawareness