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Is there a promise within you that you have buried?

This one sits near and dear to my heart!

When I was a young girl, I loved to write. I wrote poetry, short stories, you name it. I nurtured my passion and promised myself I would be a writer some day.

When I was a junior in high school my creative writing teacher submitted one of my short stories to a young writers competition. To my surprise (and perhaps hers) I was chosen as most promising young writer in Washington state and I was sent forward to represent my state at nationals.

I went to nationals and worked with five published authors. They went through all my writings that I had prepared for submission and they tore them apart. I'm sure they were trying to help me win the nationals, but I was tender in confidence and thus my budding spirit was extinguished. I ended up submitting nothing, believed I had no talent, and never wrote again.

It wasn't until a few years ago, some thirty years later that I felt the buried treasure within me calling my name. I ignored its whispers. And then, as life does, it presents us with change and new ears.

Sitting at a stop light minding my own business, I was hit by a truck moving a 45+ miles per hour. The impact altered my life dramatically and I found myself unable to do the physical things I once enjoyed in my off time.

Choosing to adjust instead of quitting life, I started to write again. It helped to fill the voids and distract the pain. But, I still wrestle with putting my writing out there.

Creating this blog was and still is a MAJOR area of doubt and vulnerability for me. But, I do it just the same as it is something I can no longer keep buried within me.

#journaling #selfawareness #vulnerability