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The Color of Friendship - discovering the beauty of our differences.

Like the slow and steady slugs that populate your garden seemingly overnight, so too have the extra pounds been creeping upon my body…and with the same type of disgusting affects! I’ve changed my diet to minimal sugar and carbs and I’ve increased my work out, but progress is slow and so very disappointing. Truth be told, despite my best efforts, I’ve come to realize that I’m simply not strong enough to stay in this battle alone. So, what do you do when your war is simply too large to fight on your own? Yes, you solicit the help of friends. You know, the ones who are ever faithful. The ones you know with all certainty that you could call in the middle of the night and not only would they answer, but they would come running, salt shakers in hand!

The same message was sent to all three of them, “Hey, are you up for a health and fitness challenge?” Within seconds my first friend responded, “Bring it on Sista, I can already feel the pounds melting away!” A few hours later my second friend responded, “Yes, I’d really like to do that but I can’t run. Otherwise, I’m in!” And then as the day came to a close, my last and most golden friend (also my sister) responded. “Possibly, but can you explain what that looks like? How will we measure and what is the expectation?”

As I prepared myself for bed, my mind tumbled back to all three responses and my lips turned up in a heart-warming smile. Three amazing woman, three steadfast friends, three completely different responses. It was the first time, perhaps in a long while, that I was reminded how wonderful it is that we are all unique. Each of these friends responded in a way that revealed what I loved most about each of them.

Friend #1, the cheerleader and the one always ready to try a new adventure. I love her spontaneity and lust for life. She’s the first one at your doorstep, and she’ll hold your hand if she thinks you need it. I suspect she’ll be the one rooting the loudest and possibly the one least likely to engage fully. Let’s face it, there are other adventures awaiting!

Friend #2 is the loyal Golden Retriever who will walk beside you until the bitter end. She will undoubtedly be the one who will make a true effort because in part, she wants to try something new, but in truth she will stay committed because she wouldn’t want to fail me. She’s the ever-giver and the type of person who believes in others far more than herself - if only she could see herself through my eyes!

Friend #3, my sister and my friend; the one who has known and nurtured me all of my life. She is cautious to engage until she knows what the effect will be not only for herself, but for me. She’s wonderfully logical and protective, and when she has determined that the rules and the game are worthy, fair…and, will not adversely set anyone up for failure, she’s all in and great fun!

Now fortified by the help of my friends and moving forward with new zest and hope, I know success is ahead. How blessed I am to have these amazing women in my life and how rich is life when we can each live authentically and celebrate the beauty of our diversity. Each of these friends holds a special place in my heart; they are my touchstones and my cornerstones. I hope I am the same for them.

Aligning salt shakers now, watch out slugs and pounds, here we come!


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