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Of Squirrels, and God, and Niblets Found

It was a rare and relaxing morning; the weekend had finally arrived, no screaming timelines to adhere to, I had rocked my workout and my new shampoo was creating a fresh aroma in the car that made me want to breathe deeper. Singing along to my Josh Radin Pandora channel and lavishing the moment, there was no doubt that life just couldn’t get much better.

I didn’t see it coming. I swear I was paying attention, but he darted out in front of me from nowhere! His little feet were moving as fast as they could and his bushy little tail lifted high into the air as if it could, or would somehow protect him. Dropping his acorn, his fight or flight instinct was fully engaged.

He was heading to my right, so I swerved left. Prematurely relieved by my quick reaction, he suddenly ran back the opposite way heading directly into my diverted path. I swerved again and began to brake. Now utterly confused, he darted back again in the same direction he was going when we first met. I could feel my heart race as I finally came to a stop. I could no longer see him, and it pained me to think about the little ball of fluff that lie under my tire. Ugh!

All of a sudden, he reappeared in front of me. I could almost feel his little heart racing when his eyes caught my stare. He quickly dashed left, stopped, dashed right again, and repeated the pattern a few times over. As I was watching his panic and indecision, I could not help but reflect on how many times I had done the same. How many times did I zig and zag without direction simply because I did not trust myself? How many times did I act without assessing or seeking a fuller view?

With fur still raised, he remained in the center of the road, caught between barriers that existed only in his mind. I knew he was going to be okay, my view from above was clear and I had a plan for his safety. Hoping to scare him one way or the other, I rolled down my window and shouted “run little guy, run”. (insert a Forrest Gump visual here) He remained frozen; unable to hear or understand my guidance. Another ah-ha moment…I’m sure there were many times that God whispered or perhaps even shouted direction into my life that I was too fraught to hear. I’m sure I have remained stuck in myopic perspective and self doubt when just a moment of surrender and pause would have lifted me to a better place.

Feeling pretty philosophical at this point, I decided to practice being like God and I waited patiently. I know it sounds silly, but I think the furry little guy felt my presence and my resolve to allow him the time he needed to figure it all out, as within seconds of my decision, he looked straight ahead, picked up his acorn, and made a choice.

Niblets of learning from a fuzzy friend, indeed a perfect day!


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