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Making our kids feel special is a wonderful expression of love. In fact, this applies to all the people in your life.

Below are 10 ways to love big. You will know best what your child needs at this time, pick three and make them happen each day!

1. Tell them what you love most about them There is something beautiful in every person, and surely many beautiful things about your child. Look deep into your child and ask yourself, “My heart delights in my child because......” Share one or two things with your child.

2. Let them know how much you appreciate them Notice when your child does something that makes your day easier. Some days this can be hard! But if you are looking, there will always be something - even if small. Let them know how much you appreciate them and what they do.

3. Encourage a dream they have Has your child expressed a dream? Are they on the fence about trying something new or taking a big step? Let them know you believe in them and think they can do it. If you have time, help them think of a next step you can do together. 4. Compliment or give them credit in public I always followed the rule: praise in public, teach in private. To extend a compliment or give your child credit when amongst others gives your child a sense of pride, a building block to confidence. I tried to consider something I wanted to grow within my child, such as manners, helping others, kindness. You will know best what your child needs! 

5. Give them your undivided attention If your child is feeling down or needs to get something off their chest, take time to listen without interruption. To give your child your undivided attention lets them know they are a priority to you and that you care about what is on their mind.

6. Plan or partake in a Mommy/ "child’s name" Day! I had three children, all two years apart, which meant they often competed for my attention. So, I created a once a month Mommy/Ryan, Nicole, or Alaina day. Together, we chose a day on the calendar. I believe there are three gifts in an experience; the expectation, the experience itself, and the memory. I played up each one! I let my children dream up three suggestions for how they wanted to spend the day. We then chose our day together. You special day does not need to be a full day, it can also be a half day, or whatever time you can allow; the importance is that it belongs to only the two of you.

7. Share one of your favorite possessions with them Children know the things you treasure and often admire something you have. My daughters loved to dress up in my favorite clothes. My son loved to draw pictures in the pages of my favorite devotional. To give our children access to our favorite things tells them we trust them with what we value, and there is nothing we hold more precious than them. 8. Share your favorite memory of your child Children love to see pictures of themselves almost as much as they love to hear you talk about them. Plan a bit of time that you can sit down with your child to look through photos together. Recall your favorite memory of them and allow them to share theirs. 9. Ask them to tell you a story

Sharing a story with you allows you a view of what is going on in your child’s world. Give them permission to build characters and allow the characters to say whatever they want to say. Giving your child control of a story with you being their special audience speaks love (and insight) on many levels.

10. Show them that we are all human, including you It is hard to be vulnerable with people who seem to have it all together. Our children see it no differently. Being vulnerable in front of your child by admitting a mistake, apologizing, or stopping to pray lets your child know you are human and it examples ways to express themselves when they feel vulnerable. It lets them know we are all human, all insecure and afraid, and that they are not alone in how they are feeling.

Photo Credit: Paige Cody@paige_cody


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